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Integrated Management system

Overblue™ is the software platform that helps management achieve strategic and compliance alignment within the organization. Overblue™ is an «integrated management system» ( IMS ) based on Microsoft Office365 technology, composed of two fundamental elements:

Overblue™ Central and Overblue™ 7.

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An integrated platform based on Microsoft SharePoint, composed of three highly integrated management modules that implement the principles and processes of the Proactive Thinking™ Framework:



(A) Governance Module 


(B) Compliance Module  


(C) Audit Module.

Central is an "alignment & execution environment" which (as SharePoint) can be further extended with a virtually unlimited number of vertical solutions.

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Software based on Microsoft Office Visio technology is the rapid analysis and alignment tool in "7 steps" (for the alignment of processes, offices, functions etc.).


It is enriched with additional plugins for specific context alignments and is fully integrated with the Overblue Central platform.


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