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Strategic & Compliance
Alignment advisory

We help achieve Measurable goals.

We provide a unique portfolio of alignment services that help our clients systematically achieve their strategic and compliance measurable goals.

We provide Higher Value Deliverables.

While others deliver PowerPoint slide decks, we leverage our unique Overblue software alignment tools to analyze data and risk, brainstorm and produce a unique set of high value deliverables for our clients and dramatically reduce time-to-results.

We Transfer know-how.

We train our clients and transfer them our knowledge throughout each engagement. Thanks to the Overblue software our clients can become autonomous in their alignment efforts.


PRoactive Thinking
alignment services portfolio

C-Level alignment

C-Level Alignment with Corporate Strategy.

 We use our proprietary Proactive Thinking™ 7 Steps Alignment Methodology and Overblue™ alignment software to help the CEO (or Senior Executive) to quickly focus the direct-reports team on a set of shared, measurable and achievable goals and to efficiently and effectively distribute these goals among the team (according to a cross-functional perspective).


We help collaboratively identify a set of Key Result Indicators, with shared target values ​​and thresholds (C-Level Key Result Indicators). We support the C-Level Team in the proactive and cooperative identification of risks linked to strategic goals (C-Level Risks) ensuring the timely mitigation of these risks.


We facilitate the delivery of a risk-aware execution plan composed of a series of well-defined Business-Digital Transformation Initiatives linked to clear goals.  With the support of Overblue Central™ these Business Transformation Initiatives can then be closely monitored by the CEO and the C-Level Team.


We can also keep them aligned over time allowing the C-Level Team to always know their health status in terms of both alignment and progress. Our unique approach is designed to facilitate cross-functional collaboration within the C-Level Team and to allow for the timely identification of critical mitigation Actions (C-Level Alignment Actions) required to control the identified C-Level Risks.


To help the Board, CEO and the C-Level Team monitor the identified Risks, a clear and comprehensive set of metrics is delivered (C-Level Key Performance/Risk Indicators).


C-Level Actions are then closely monitored and the status timely reported to the C-Level. The same alignment approach can be quickly extended to the lower management levels down to the front lines ( Proactive Thinking™ Risk-based Governance Model ) .


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Alignment software

Business Case


Investment Value and Execution Roadmap.

 Using our proprietary risk-based Proactive Thinking™ Business Case methodology and  Overblue™ alignment software we help Management quantify the actual value of an investment in terms of its ability to support the achievement of strategic objectives, always associated with a clear set of measurable Key Results Indicators (KRIs).


The analysis proactively and systematically uncovers any potential risk linked to the achievement of the strategic goals associated with the initiative, including any “execution” risk (very often overlooked). Risk-mitigation actions are then systematically and proactively applied and the related costs taken into account in the overall investment value quantification.


The analysis always produces a risk-weighted, more reliable estimate of the expected Value of the Initiative and a more reliable Execution Roadmap. This innovative and original methodology, applied to the value quantification of Business-Digital Transformation Initiatives, not only succeeds where current methodologies fail (e.g. correct quantification of the actual value of an IT investment) but also dramatically increases their probability of success (currently stuck at 30%).

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Alignment software


Business Process Alignment

Business Process Alignment to Achieve Measurable Goals.

Using the Proactive Thinking™ 7 Steps Alignment Methodology and Overblue™ alignment software we help Management to ensure that any target business process is documented and analyzed in terms of risks linked to the objectives (strategic, but also operational/compliance/reporting).

Each goal is measured by a set of (extended) balanced-scorecard indicators (Key Result Indicators). Risks linked to process goals are classified as either Problems or Opportunities.


Subject Matter Experts within the organization are systematically involved in the analysis, to capture any internal valuable data, information and knowledge, turning them from implicit to explicit. The outcomes of our cross-functional risk-based process alignment analysis include: a well-defined and documented set of business process roles and responsibilities, technologies and workplaces, information flows, know-how and a prioritized list of risks linked to goals (initially linked by Management to the process).


The analysis is also designed to produce a clear set of IT requirements in case Digital Technology is needed in order to mitigate some risks linked to goals. At the end of the analysis, together with the risks, the Process Alignment Team –  in collaboration with the Process Owner(s) and the other Experts involved – delivers a risk mitigation action-plan (change plan).


Depending on the circumstances, the Action plan might consist in a complete process transformation or in a set of incremental improvements. The right priority is always given to each Mitigation Action. Each Control Action is discussed with the related Owner(s) with whom a realistic due date is agreed.


The prioritization of risks and control actions is performed according to a proprietary mechanism capable of clearly identifying what Management needs to do and in what order to achieve the desired process performance (i.e. achieve business goals).

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Alignment software


Compliance Alignment

Alignment of the organization with the Compliance objectives that derive from Regulations & Policies.

We help the Chief Compliance Officer and his/her Team to apply the Proactive Thinking™ Framework to align the Organization and its processes with the Compliance Goals deriving from Regulatory requirements. Regulations are first formalized according to our proprietary structure, which defines the related Compliance Objectives, Risks, Controls and Control Test Procedures .

Distributed Compliance Model: once Controls are formalized, the related Owners are collaboratively identified among Management and the Controls assigned to Owner(s) who are in charge of their implementation.

The Regulation is then rapidly and effectively deployed across the organization by leveraging the power of the Overblue™ Central platform (Compliance Module).  Subsequently, the Compliance Team uses the advanced monitoring and reporting tools of the Overblue™ platform to efficiently and effectively ensure that each Control is timely implemented (and updated where needed), monitor Compliance Indicators and produce detailed reports. 


Added to this is the ability to manage verifications, related findings, management actions and the availability of in depth analytics.

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Alignment software

IT Governance Alignment  

Alignment of the IT function to the strategic objectives of the Business and the CIO.

Through our Proactive Thinking™ methodologies and  Overblue™ alignment software, we help the Chief Information Officer and the IT organization to effectively support the Business in achieving its strategic and compliance goals.

Using the principles of Proactive Thinking™ and thanks to the Overblue™ Central platform, IT management is also provided with the necessary tools required to implement a modern IT governance framework that is in line with international best practices (e.g. Cobit Framework - Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies).  


Through a proprietary process called Proactive Thinking™ BRM (Business Relationship Management) we  help the CIO establish an effective mechanism to ensure full and constant alignment of all IT Services with the needs of the Business, maximizing collaboration between IT and Business.


Our Risk-Based Business Case Services provide the CIO with the necessary means to quantify the value of IT investments in terms of Business results, by showing how IT can concretely support the Business to achieve its goals (Alignment).

Our Business Process Alignment Services ensure that the entire IT Function (with the related IT Processes, IT Services etc.) is constantly aligned with the objectives set by the CIO.  Our Compliance Alignment Services ensure then the IT organization is also fully aligned with regulations impacting the IT Function. Furthermore, for companies using ServiceNow®, the Overblue™ platform integrates with ServiceNow® to leverage its data to further enhance Business and IT alignment.



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Alignment software

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