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Proactive Thinking™is the Alignment Framework developed by SPHIDA to help management close the gap between strategy & compliance goals and a successful "execution".

Many studies indicate that  only 10% of businesses across all industries over the past 30 years have been able to achieve their key strategic goals. For the remaining 90% strategy plans systematically fail the execution test, often partially sometimes completely.

And significant business value is lost.


The lack of strategic alignment at all levels in organizations fosters internal conflict, makes cross-functional collaboration and synergy difficult, demoralizes staff, and ultimately drastically reduces an organization's ability to achieve its goals and to create value for customers and shareholders.

In today's business context of continuous and rapid change, achieving and maintaining strategic alignment (from C-level to front lines) has become a top priority. Moreover, in such contexts, the ability to react is no longer sufficient: it is now vital to learn how to
thinkand act proactively.

Similarly for Compliance goals. If a business fails to act and put effective compliance programmes in place which uphold the rules, create the right culture and get people truly involved, regulators will step in. With all the financial and reputational cost that comes with that.

The Proactive Thinking™ Framework is the necessary bridge between strategy and execution, just like the Rialto Bridge in Venice is needed to connect two otherwise separated parts of the city.

The proactive thinking framework is the bridge over the execution gap.

Proactive Thinking Framework

Proactive Thinking™ is SPHIDA's proprietary framework for strategic & compliance alignment composed by four KEY elements.

Proactive Thinking Framework
Proactive Thinking - Overblue

Proactive Thinking™ is SPHIDA's proprietary framework for strategic and compliance alignment. It combines multiple best of breed management frameworks,  practices and tools into one, more cohesive, simplified and effective framework.



A solid foundation of values(first element) centered on the recognition of the dignity and immense potential of each person as proven by the man made beauty found in the city of Venice.


An organization is not an abstract concept, it is made of individuals each with his/her own aspirations, capabilities and motivations to perform and to embrace change.


Therefore management can collectively achieve the strategic alignment of an entire organization only through a framework that focuses on valuing, empowering and ultimately motivating each person within the organization which in turn creates harmony and minimizes internal conflict.



Proactive Thinking Framework - Enable Human Potential

From the values emerges a new management philosophy (second element) that we call Servant leadership, the core engine of the Framework.


To start, Servant Leadership philosophy leads management to consistently disseminate and further refine the objectives agreed upon with the higher level making sure they are always measurable. This is done in collaboration with the team, using the effective tools provided by the Framework. 


Management is then required to constantly listen to the team to take in its feedback. Such feedback - in Proactive Thinking™ - always comes in the form of RISKS linked to the OBJECTIVES (either problems to be solved and/or opportunities waiting to be seized). These risks must be then systematically and proactively mitigated by management, with strong input from the lower levels.


Risks that cannot be mitigated and have greater impact on objectives continue to the higher level of management, up to possibly the C-level.



To make it easy to proactively and systematically (at all levels) identify risks linked to objectives (in processes, organizational units, transformation investments...) a 7-steps Alignment methodology (third element of the framework) comes into play, which enables rapid implementation of strategic alignment in each scope, systematically producing a solid business case linked to an action-plan for change.


Finally, to make it very concrete and easy to implement, the framework uses the Overblue™ Integrated management system, a modular and easily scalable Governance Platform built on top of Microsoft Office 365. Overblue acts as the necessary bridge between strategy & compliance objectives, keeping the entire organization constantly aligned with management goals.


Proactive Thinking  - Integrated Management System
Proactive Thinking - Overblue Platform

integrated management system

A new management philosophy. It is the core engine of the Proactive Thinking   Framework.

The Proactive Thinking™ Framework combines in a unique way multiple management tools and methodologies, simplifying their use and multiplying their individual value by using them in synergy. For these reasons the Overbluesoftware introduces a new category of enterprise software called Integrated Management System ( IMS ).


Among the tools supported and integrated by the Proactive Thinking™ Framework and its software platform are found:

Strategic Planning

Enterprise Risk Management (e.g. C.O.S.O. Framework)

(Extended) Balanced Score Card - Indicators

OKR (Objectives & Key Results)

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Business Process Analysis (BPA)

Business Process Improvement (beyond Six Sigma & Lean)

Knowledge Management

Task, Activity and Project Management

Proactive Thinking - Overblue
Proactive Thinking - Overblue
Proactive Thinking - Overblue
Proactive Thinking - Overblue
Proactive Thinking - Overblue
Proactive Thinking - Overblue
Proactive Thinking - Overblue
Proactive Thinking - Overblue
Proactive Thinking - Overblue
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